Interview with V.S. Nelson, Author of Eternal Lovers

I am pleased to have Virginia Nelson, who writes as V.S. Nelson, with me today. Virginia is the author of Eternal Lovers – Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book One.

I might mention that I personally know Virginia, as we are sisters in two RWA chapters. Like me, Virginia lives in the Valley of the Sun, near Phoenix, Arizona. She’s a likable, outgoing individual and a passionate writer, who has a tendency to “mother” or watch out for her friends, fortunate for us.

V.S. Nelson

After spending sixteen years living on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico, and another twelve battling the heat while teaching in the Middle East, Virginia S. Nelson, moved to Mesa, Arizona where she resides with the love of her life and her four pound Miniature Pincher, Anubis.

She joined three chapters of RWA sometime after she completed Eternal Lovers, convinced by others she should seek publication for a story which was originally written to make the voices in her head shut up. Guess what, it didn’t work.

What she thought, in the beginning, was a story about a young Native American woman mixed up with the Mafia turned out to be a story of Aliens, as old as the pyramids, living around the world, just like you and me. Of course, that little detail wasn’t revealed to Virginia until after the first draft of the manuscript was almost finished and her hero from book one, of what is now a series, smiled up at her in a dream. Following the directions she received from her hero in her dreams, a totally new version of Eternal Lovers was born. Her heroine, Jennifer, and the dynamics of her love story remained the same.


MIMI: Virginia what else would you like for readers to know about you?

VIRGINIA: I think you pretty well summed it up. Other than the fact I’m Native American, a grand mother many times over and an avid reader there isn’t much to tell.

MIMI: Think you left out a couple of important things.

VIRGINIA: I did what?

MIMI: How about the fact that you’re getting married (!) in August in front of a bunch of other authors at the and the fact that you just released two new books.

VIRGINIA: Oh that. Well, OK, I’m trying not to think of RNC… I haven’t even shopped for a dress yet.

MIMI: Not to worry—you still have plenty of time.

VIRGINIA: As far as the books go, I figured we’d be getting around to that. My little short romantic tale, Cupid and Penelope, celebrated its release in January followed by Eternal Lovers five days later. What a whirl wind that was. I won’t make that mistake again… I didn’t know if I was coming or going with all the release parties and everything.

MIMI: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Cupid and Penelope?

VIRGINIA: I’d love to. Cupid, no longer a chubby faced, winged cherub finds true love in the most unusual place, a modern day circus, when he is kidnapped by a half elf – half imp chubby gal by the name of Penelope.

MIMI: Ok that sounds different. I’ll definitely have to check it out. What about Eternal Lovers?

VIRGINIA: During the days of Ancient Egypt, seven members of Sekhmet’s elite guard were sent to Earth to track down and destroy the followers of an evil cult, named Set’s Legions. They remain here today. Gabriel, the hero from book one, runs their modern day protection agency from his office in Chicago. He soon meets Jennifer, a green eyed Native American who he becomes infatuated with.  She on the other hand is not so sure about Gabriel and sees him as something to avoid at all costs. Their lives intertwine and soon, as most romances would have it, become a couple, and Jennifer learns she is much more than she ever knew. You see, Jennifer never really knew her father. Turns out Jennifer’s dear old dad is a 700 year old Selkie by the name of Ronan.

MIMI: Sounds like you mixed a lot of paranormal elements in your book: Ancient Egypt, Native American lore, and Selkies…how did all that come about?

VIRGINIA: I merely recorded the events of Gabriel’s story as he told them to me at night when I slept.

MIMI: We’ll get back to that. Now, I happen to know you lived in Egypt. How much do your experiences during that time figure into your story, settings, etc? The Guardians work out of Chicago, but do you feature Egypt in flashbacks or present day?

VIRGINIA: Of course, I can’t help but add a little history here and there. I’ve even scheduled two historicals for the series where one of them will take place in ancient Egypt. The other will be on their native home land, New Tuat.

MIMI: That’s awesome. Can’t wait for those. Going back to Gabriel invading your sleep, you dream your stories then?

VIRGINIA: Most of them. At least the Guardian stories anyway. The idea for Cupid and Penelope came to me out of the blue one morning before I had my first cup of coffee. I ran to the computer and hammered out the details before I lost the thought.

MIMI: I’m curious, what’s the best and worst part of being a writer of a multi-plotted series like yours?  And how many books do you now anticipate in the series?

VIRGINIA: As of a couple of weeks ago, eleven books are plotted out for Sekhmet’s Guardians. I’m not sure what the best part is – maybe it’s getting to know all the characters in detail and on a level others can only imagine. Worst part – that’ easy – not having enough hours in the day to write everything they show me.

MIMI: Eleven? And I’m struggling with my three book series! What is your writing schedule like? How do you balance writing and everyday life?

VIRGINIA: I knew you were going to ask that. Up before 5am, coffee, then I sit at the computer till around 2 or 3. By then I’m pretty worn out and take a small break, sometimes a short nap then I’m back on the computer till DH comes home. After dinner we go over what I wrote during the day. If I don’t have anything else scheduled, I try to write six days a week. Sunday’s are reserved for my DH, family, and friends.

MIMI: Yes, coffee, coffee, coffee. A main food group. Sounds as though you have set a schedule for yourself.

VIRGINIA: I think all writers do in one form or another. I’m just lucky enough not to have to pull the 8-5 routine any more. I can go to work (my desk) in my jammies (or nothing at all)  and not worry about putting makeup on.

MIMI: I know that your time is valuable so I won’t hinder you with more questions. I imagine you brought a long an excerpt or two to share with my readers. Virginia, as always, I enjoyed your company, and thank you for being here with me today. Oh, one more quick question before you leave, when can we expect to see the next volume in Sekhmet’s Guardians?

VIRGINIA: Mimi, it was my pleasure. Book two of Sekhmet’s Guardians, Eternal Nights will be released on or before May 1.

MIMI: Can’t wait!

Excerpt from Eternal Lovers:

Eternal Lovers

He could hear Gabriel breath a sigh of relief into the phone. “Great! I’ve been wondering how that was going down and what excuses you were going to have to come up with for my stupid behavior… thanks buddy… Raphael, where are you, it sounds like you’re in a well?”

There was a break in the conversation.

“Actually, I’m at the lake.”

“Again? Why the hell are you back there?”

“Not again–still. We rode out here this morning, like I already told you. Brought a lunch with us, so during lunch, we had our talk. She seemed pretty relaxed and was really tired. Guess she didn’t get enough sleep last night so I gave her a sleep enhancement, if you get my drift. Then, before I knew it, I closed my eyes and zoned. I woke up 10 minutes ago and before I started packing up to head back, I realized my phone was off. Man, I’m sorry, I had no idea.”

Dead silence…

“So you’re headed back now?” Gabe finally asked.

“Actually, no.”

He could hear Gabe grind his teeth

“Pardon me?”

“I was packing up and she said she wanted to stay and watch the sunset over the lake…  She said she wasn’t in the mood to be around a bunch of people back at the house. Hell, what was I suppose to say? I told her I’d call the house and let her friend know so they wouldn’t send a search party. They all know she is safe with me.”

More silence…

“So is she?”

“Is she what?”

“Safe with you?”

“Oh, fuck me!  No fuck you, Gabriel! Didn’t we go through all this last night?”


“Gabriel, I’ll have her back at the compound safe and sound before too long. I’m just indulging her. I’ll report in when I get her back to the house. Goodbye.”

The call ended shortly after Raphael heard Gabriel mumble a few choice cuss words before he threw his phone across the wall. Raphael wasn’t sure if he hung up or Gabriel’s phone ended the call when it shattered. It really didn’t matter, both men were pissed off. Raphael put the cell phone back in his pocket and walked back toward the cove.

You can find Eternal Lovers – Sekhmet’s Guardians Book One and V.S. Nelson’s Cupid and Penelope on Amazon in print, large print and kindle formats here

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7 thoughts on “Interview with V.S. Nelson, Author of Eternal Lovers

  1. I love stories involving ancient legends intruding into contemporary times. I also like that your “paranormal” elements are not the usual ones (i.e. vampires, werewolves, witches) and in fact are truly paranormal.

    I’ve downloaded your book and hope to start soon. Great to hear your next book is coming out soon. I’m just beginning my sequel and know who challenging and rewarding it will be for you and readers like me.

    BTW….congratulation on your upcoming nuptials.

    • Thank you KJ. I will admit inserting “ancient Egyptian” elements into a modern story has helped with my longing for Egypt and gives the old teacher in me an outlet for sharing a bit of history. I love sharing not only my own Native culture but those cultures I have grown to love. Not everyone will agree but the mix does seem to fit. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked where did I come up with a Native American Selkie… truth is N.A. legends are full of all types of shapeshifters -including one could easily describe as the European Selkie. I called Jennifer and Ronan Selkies rather than using the native term to help the reader picture the shapeshifter more clearly. OK, I’ve rambled on way too much – again, thanks for dropping by and downloading one of my stories. V

  2. Thanks for the great interview! Your Sekhmet’s series sounds like a must read to me, Virginia.

    Oh, and congratulations on your up coming wedding. 😀

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