March Madness and Witches

Holy cow. Already March and so much going on. I have not kept up. Besides editing, editing, editing, am trying to make progress on Book 3 of the Necromancer Series so just haven’t kept up with the blogging. But this month promises some awesome guests on my blog including Shanyn Hosier to talk about her Desert Menage Series, and Mary Buckham, teacher and author, with a new Invisible Recruits Urban Fantasy series, among some other great authors.

I have a bunch of blog stops this month so hope you’ll join me.

Otherwise, have a fantastic month and, Oz the Great and Powerful debuts on Friday. Can’t wait. I love Sam Raimi as a director. He’s directed some of my favorite films including Evil Dead, Spiderman, Drag Me to Hell, and the Executive Producer of Xena, Warrior Princess. Oh yeah. Raimi does an amazing job with humor and kitsch in his horror. And although Oz is not a horror movie, I’m looking forward to seeing how one of the witches transforms into our wonderful Wicked Witch of the West. Btw, Margaret Hamilton rocked the wicked witch in the 1939 Wizard of Oz, one of the iconic witches of all time.

Until Friday my Pretties.

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