Avast! Today be talk like a pirate day!

Yo ho! I give you good day!Talk like a pirate day, Mimi Sebastian

For today is international talk like a pirate day. To find out more, run out the sweeps and visit the official site for talk like a pirate day!

If you haven’t at all noticed, I do love pirates. The more I read about them, the more fascinated I become so much so I’m planning, sweating, editing furiously to finish my pirate book to self publish by the end of this year, which I discuss on a previous blog post here.

To add to my excitement, next year premieres Black Flag, a tv show about the pirates on New Providence in the Bahamas which was a pirate enclave during the Golden Age of piracy. Sounds like it will be more of a realistic portrayal. Fingers crossed anyhow.

So go about ‘n have a bit ‘o grog, and good luck to ‘ee and a fair wind. To end on the words of our brother, Black Sam Bellamy:

“They villify us, the scoundrels do, when there is only this difference, they rob the poor under the cover of law, forsooth, and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage.”

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