Love Struck Valentine Day blog hop and giveaway!

Love Struck Valentine's Day, Mimi Sebatian, Necromancer's Seduction

I’m coming clean in admitting Valentine’s Day was never my favorite, but, now that I have a kid, I enjoy buying lots of chocolate :), and of course, writing romance. So in celebration of chocolate and romance, here’s the Love Struck Valentine Day blog hop.

Grand Prize is a Kindle Paperwhite loaded up with tons of books being provided by the authors listed below including my urban fantasy book The Necromancer’s Seduction.

But that’s not all. For stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment, I’ll offer one lucky winner a copy of my werewolf short story booklet The Werewolf’s Devotion and this  lovely zombie Valentines Day card. Winners will be announced on the 15th along with the grand prize winner!photo-4

Please visit J.A. Garland’s blog for pictures of the books being offered and to enter the giveaway and a list of participating authors!! J.A. Garland books.

Here are the list of books offered with the Grand Prize!

J.A. Garland Books: INSTINCT, Dysus Dreamer
Celia Breslin: Haven
Pippa Jay: Gethyon
Mimi Sebastian: The Necromancer’s Seduction
Cecilia Dominic: The Mountain’s Shadow
Jude Johnson: Save the Last Dance Trilogy
Isabella Norse: Assassin’s Heart
Dani Harper: First Bite, Storm Warrior
Rita Bay: The Aegis, Into the Lyons Den
Allison Knight: Lynbrook’s Lady, Betrayed Bride
Joyce Proell: A Deadly Truth
Holly Hunt: The Devil’s Wife, Scale & Feather
Ceci Giltenan: Highland Solution
Ute Carbone: To the Wind, Sweet Lenora
Cassiel Knight: Blood on the MoonKey of Solomon
Audra Middleton: Hitchhiker
Morgan Wyatt: Dangerous Curves, Escaping West 
Angela Kay Austin: Rumer
Liz Crowe: Floor Time, Sweat Equity, Closing Costs
January Bain: Forever Man, Forever Woman, Forever Clan
Susan Frances: The King Maker
Linda Rettstatt: In The Spirit, A Falling Star
Graeme Brown: Donating e-book only: The Pact
Dani Collins: The Healer

Christina Cole: Donating e-book only: Not the Marrying Kind
Kelly Martin: The Afterlife of Lizzie Monroe
Pauline Creeden: Sanctuary & First Impression

24 thoughts on “Love Struck Valentine Day blog hop and giveaway!

  1. Love the site! Thank you for having the giveaway. I have never liked V-day. But my kids adore it so I guess I must go along

  2. For a long time Valentine’s Day was just another day, but I have a honey now to enjoy it with, so like Valentine’s Day now.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    • How wonderful you have someone to enjoy it with! It does make it better. I have to also admit, I do enjoy getting those flowers from my dh 🙂

  3. Hi Mimi,
    I know the feeling. Valentine’s Day puts alot of demands on you, first to have a Valentine, and second, to give your Valentine something special. We should treat our loved ones special each day not just on Valentine’s Day. I bet your child would like that 🙂

    • Yes. Exactly. I guess I aways felt like we should do special things for our loved ones throughout the year! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The hop ended and a grand prize winner selected who will be contacted by JA Garland. On this blog, Debra was the commenter who won the Werewolf’s Devotion short story and the zombie valentine! Congrats and thanks so much to all who participated!!

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