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I was tagged for this meme by fellow author and Paranormal Romantics author Veronica Scott. Thanks Veronica!!

The second book in my Necromancer Books, The Necromancer’s Betrayal, just released so I thought I’d share a little about my heroine. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

My fictional character is Ruby Montagne, a necromancer.

When and where is the story set?

Necromancer’s Betrayal is set in both in modern day San Francisco with the occasional jaunt into the demon realm.

What should we know about him/her?

She’s a necromancer and can bring the dead back to life, make zombies and revenants and other, ah, interesting abilities.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Oh where to begin. Between the two supernatural men who desire her and the call to use her power for evil, and deciding who she can trust, Ruby has her hands full.

What is the personal goal of the character?

To discover who is killing off supernaturals, including her grandmother, and why, and understand her origins and that of necromancers. To learn a little more about Ruby’s struggles, here’s the back cover copy:

Necromancer Ruby Montagne is battling for her life in the realm of demons. Unfairly branded for the death of a fellow necromancer, she’s got to prove her innocence without the full use of her magic. And the real culprit is still on the loose.

While someone is stalking her friends among the witches, Ruby searches for answers inside the dark intrigues of both the demon and necromancer worlds. Ruby must confront this new, sinister threat while reconciling her feelings for her former lover, a demon warrior. Only it’s difficult . . . because a sexy vampire is making it clear that he’d like to be a lot more than just friends.

The competition for Ruby’s trust heats up as the enemy pushes her toward a dark side that could threaten the entire realm. Yet what can Ruby do when she’s not even sure what she is? With the fabric separating the realms at stake, she must decide whom to trust. But will the ultimate betrayal be her own?

I’ve tagged a couple of author friends with some great books to share. They’ll be posting in a week or two!

Camelia Miron Skiba

Shanyn Hosier


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