Fall into Fantasy Giveaway

Lots of giveaways this month, this time of the year, so lots of opportunities for freebies and swag!! I will be participating in this giveaway with lots of cool authors so check it out 🙂

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Swag and books up for grabs from Niteblade Magazine, Ash Krafton, Sharon Buchbinder, Lisa Kessler, Mina Khan among other great authors!


Demon Host Video

Demon Host by Timber Timbre absolutely had to be included in the soundtrack for Necromancer’s Seduction. The lyrics are fantastic and reflect a bit of the gothic quality to my heroine and her necromancer power. I just ran across the video on you tube and absolutely love it. The entire time he’s singing the song in this dilapidated wood shed, a person is standing outside in a black cloak. It’s so subtle, but immensely creepy. I find the understated can often provide the best creep outs.


Demon Host