Welcome to my website. Great to have you here!

I’m the author of necromancer urban fantasy featuring zombies and demon love, and swashbuckling pirate historical romance.

Please visit my Necromancer Books page to find out a little more about Ruby, who unleashes her power and reignites a legacy that threatens the entire supernatural community as well as her own soul.

The Necromancer’s Redemption, Book Three, is now availa????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ble in print and Kindle on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo!

I’m featured in the Night Owl Reviews Magazine for a Quickie Author Interview!

Check out some of the exciting reviews for book one of the Necromancer Series, The Necromancer’s Seduction, including this one from the Paranormal Romance Guild.

I’m also dabbling in a pirate historical series because I lust me some pirate swagger! The first book, Devil’s Island, set sail February 2014 and is the first book of a series: The Sea Rover’s Passion.

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Necromancer Seduction featured in Bewitching Book Tours Magazine!

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