The Necromancer’s Redemption Release

It’s out! I’m honestly overwhelmed and amazed to have completed this trilogy. At times, it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????made me cry, others, it made me laugh, and lots of times, made me pull my hair out. The best part however, was hearing from readers who loved the characters, especially Ruby, the necromancer. People seemed to appreciate her strong, independent nature without being a physically strong heroine. Ruby kicked ass in her loyalty and love for her friends, mental strength, and resiliency, even when she was literally going mad.

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To celebrate my release, I’m offering a copy of my short story booklet, The Werewolf’s Devotion, (read about it here) and a $15 Amazon giftcard to one person who leaves a comment with their zombie name! I’m a Famished Flesh-eater!

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I will choose one person via at midnight EST Sunday (the 29th).

Is this the last we’ll see of our heroes? I don’t think so. I have some novella ideas simmering in my head, maybe even one featuring Kara and Jax 🙂 But first, I’d like to start on a new series, more of a supernatural thriller, dealing with voodoo, or the Orisha religion that originated with the Yoruba people in West Africa. I’m very excited about it. And, of course, my ongoing pirate historicals.

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7 thoughts on “The Necromancer’s Redemption Release

  1. Teresa, somehow your comment was included over on another post so I am putting it here. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a laugh 🙂

    Apparently I am ‘Optomistic Undead’
    I am a baby chewing on the cats head saying “Bwains” I’m cool with that I have pretty laid back cats..

    Can’t wait for the new release, will buy it ASAP.. ‘dying to read’ ;o[]
    hahaha Have fun this looks like a blast !

  2. I am a CLEVER GHOUL! I doubt I would scientifically find a cure for our infection. However, I it is likely that I could write us into a remission and change the course of our destiny in that fashion!
    Congrats on Book 3! It’s true! We love Ruby! Adding Redemption to my TBR list and crossing my little fingers!

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